Speghatti Arabiata ! Red Sauce ! Pasta in Red sauce !

Speghatti Arabiata, Red sauce pasta


Today we will know how to make spaghetti Arabiata and red sauce . people like to eat pasta and pasta is also good for health. So today we will know how to make spaghetti Arabiata and what will be needed to make spaghetti Arabiata.

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First let we know that what is spaghetti Arabiata.

Spaghetti Arabiata is an Italian pasta recepie. Pasta is also called the traditional and prominent dish of Italy.

Pastais popular and popular throughout Italy as well as in the world. And in our India, too many people like to eat pasta. Also, pasta is famous and popular here.

Spaghetti is the name of a pasta and Arabiata is the name of a sauce which we also know by the name of red sauce.

So, without delay, we start making spaghetti Arabiata.

Preparation time : 15 minutes
Making time: 15 minutes
Total time (Total time): 30 minutes


Ingredients (required items)


1. Speghatti pasta (Spaghetti pasta) 200 grams
2. Tomato ( Tomato) 300 grams
3. Tomato sauce (Tomato sauce) 2 large spoons
4. Olive oil / Butter (Olive oil / butter) 2 large spoons
5. Bay leaf (bay leaf) 3 nos
6. Celery chopped (finely chopped celery) ) 1 large spoon
7. Garlic chopped (finely chopped garlic) 1 large spoon
8. Onion chopped (finely chopped onions) 2 large spoons
9. Oregano ( oregano ) 1 small spoon
10. Basil (basil) 1 small spoon
11. Thyme (thyme) 1 small spoon
12. Cheese (cheese) 2 small spoons
13 Black pepper crush 1 small spoon
14. Chilly flacks (Chilli flakes) 1 small spoon
15. Parsley for garnish
16. Parsley for garnish  17. Salt to taste (salt to taste)
18. Sugar (sugar ) 1/2 small spoon


Method for Speghatti Arabiata ! Red sauce !

Firstly put water to boil in a saucepan just sitting on top of the gas Sula for boiling .

After the water is boil, pour spaghetti pasta into it. Also, pour a little bit of oil and a little salt. Salt is added so that the test of salt is put in the pasta and oil is added so that the pasta does not stick together.

Put the spaghetti pasta on a boil for at least 12 minutes.

As long as the spaghetti is boiling, we prepare our arabiata sauce.

To make Arabiata sauce, first wash the tomatoes thoroughly.

After washing  cut the tomatoes by crossing them in the upper part. The top part of the tomato is cut so that after the tomato boils, its skin gets removed easily.

When the spaghetti pasta boils well, then sieve the pasta with a siever and simultaneously pour cold water over the spaghetti pasta and sieve the water properly.

Now sprinkle some oil on the spaghetti pasta and put it in a pot.

The water that remains after filtering, keep it well in a vessel. This water will be useful when we make sauces.

Now in the same saucepan again boil a little water, put it on top of the fire. After the water boils, you cut the tomatoes and put them in the boiled water.

Let the tomato boil until the skin comes out little by little.

When the skin starts to get little, then remove the tomatoes and pour cold water over the tomatoes.

By adding cold water, the skin of tomato will be removed easily and it will be easy to cut. After the skin is gone, separate the seeds and cut the tomato finely.


Now we begin the process of making sauce. 

To make sauce first you have to sit on a non stick pan or any type of kadhai on a gas burner for heating.

Non stick Pan or sauce pan is heated, pour oil in it and leave it to heat.

Now add bay leaves, thyme and finely chopped onions, garlic, celery and stir well. Stir till the entire mixture turns brown.

After the whole mixture is brown, now you put finely chopped tomatoes in it. adding the tomatoes, stir well for some time.

You can now mix the tomato sauce, salt, a little sugar, ground black pepper and spaghetti pasta in the mixer and put the mixer on low flame to cook it.

When the tomato mixer is cook, add oregano, basil, and chilli flax  and stir it for a while.

After the whole mixture is cooked well, put the spaghetti pasta in it and boil it and mix it well and cook it for a while. After that, after binding the gas, keep your pasta on the side. And our spaghetti arabita is ready

The last task is to platting our pasta well, so now we will serve spaghetti pasta by garnishing it on a plate.

First, if you have a pasta plate, and you don’t have pasta plate then clean a dinner plate thoroughly.

Now put the spaghetti pasta made in the plate and pour it out of the pan. After taking out the pasta in a plate, now you can give as much cheese as you want on top of the pasta.

I would like to add a little more cheese because I am a cheese lover.

Finally garnish on top of the spaghetti pasta with chopped parsley and you can either enjoy a whole lot with a friend or with your family.

enjoy your spaghetti. .


Note : For Speghatti Arabiata ! Red sauce !

1. If you want, you can also add vegetables in this spaghetti pasta dish like broccoli, zucchini, carrots, bean, green peas, capsicum.
2. While boiling the pasta, take care that the pasta does not boil too much.
3. In this spaghetti pasta recipe, according to your calculations you can add more chilli flax pulse work or spicy more.

So much for now, hope you have liked this recepie of mine. If you like it, then you too will share this recipe with your friend or family so that I can share it with you and you will be able to share it with people, and please do not forget to comment.


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