North east India made up of the seven sister; Assam, Meghalaya, Arunachal Pradesh, Mizoram, Manipur, TRipura, Nagaland as well as The Himalayan state of Sikkim.
The north east is home to vast number of tribes who have their own unique cuisine. The Adi tribe of Arunachal pradesh cultivate rice and rear their own pigs and chickens. The Angami of Nagaland and Manipur love pork with bamboo shoots and the Bhutia of Sikkim eat dishes such as ‘Phagshapa’- strips of pork fat cooked with radish and chilly, The food here is mostly non-vegetarian, with influence from nearby China and Myanmar. being close to the Bay of Bengal, fish is popular in Assam and is cooked with mustard oil and eaten with rice.
The north east is famous for arguably the hottest chilly in the World. Aptly called ‘Bhoot Jolokia’ in Assam, Naga Jolokia in Nagaland, and Umrok in Manipur, it is highly regarded for its medicinal properties such as its use pain relief treatment. The food of Nagaland quietly different from that of the rest of India due to the Chinese influence, ingredients such as pork, babmboo shoots, and soya bean feature in many dishes.
Manipuri tribes are divided into those that live in the hills and those of the plains. They exchange their produce, sharing meat and grains, and each tribe has slightly different cuisine depending on what they grow or rear.
In Mizoram, the cooking can be rather bland but includes lentils, chicken, wild game, pork, bamboo shoots, local grape wine and drink called ‘Zu’ or ‘Zu tea’ which is locally brewed rice beer. Arunachal pradesh also has a bland cuisine eaten with the local rice beer called ‘Apang’ whereas in Meghalay rice and pork are often eaten spiced mix called ‘Tungrymbai’ which has, among st other ingredients, fermented soya bean, black sesame seeds and garlic.

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