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Roasted pork ribs

Ribs of pork, Pork Racks

Tasty Pork or dukkar recepie  is one of the most popular food and Recepie in the world so today we will going to cook tasty dukkar recepie.

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Today we will make roasted pork ribs and know what is needed to make pork ribs.
So without delay we make roasted pork ribs.

Preparing time : 20 minutes
Cooking time : 45 minutes
Total time : 1 hour 5 minute



Pork ribs    250 gram (pork racks)
Olive oil.   100 ml
Garlic whole  2 nos
Onion   2 nos
Celery   1 stick
Leek      1 stick
Carrot   1 nos
Rosemary  1 tspn
Kocher Salt to taste
Worchtershire Sauce 1 tbl spn
Black pepper crushed 1 tspn
Bay leaf   2 nos

Red wine   2 tbsp

Roasted Lamb Ribs


First clean and wash the pork ribs. After cleaning, add olive oil, salt and black pepper and marinate well. After marinate the pork put in a bowl.

Put all the marinated pieces of pork ribs in a baking tray.

Now roughly cut the carrot, garlic, celery, leek and onion and put in the same baking tray.

On top of all the chopped vegetables, now mix a little salt, rosemary, a little black pepper crush and a little olive oil and mix all vegetables well.

You have prepared the tray and put it in Oven at 180 degree C to roast for at least 30 minutes.

Remember that the oven is already preheated. If the oven is not preheated, it is hard to eat pieces of lamb ribs and it also takes time to cook.

After roasting 30 minutes in 180 degree C, you remove the tray.

When 30 minutes of roasting is completed  just reduce the oven temperature to 220 degree C and pour the pork ribs to roast again for 15 minutes.

Your roasted pork ribs are ready after 15 minutes of roasting.

Now, we will make a sauce for dukkar

To make Sauce, first we have to put a non stick pan or sauce pan on gas burner. Then paste all the roasted vegetables in a mixture griender. Which is we roast along with pork ribs.

Put the paste in a pan and boil it over the gas sula. Now give some water, salt, and a little black pepper crushed and also put 2 bay leaf to boil .

Finally Add a little bit of worchtershire sauce and a little red wine to the sauce and let it boil.

Few minutes after boiling for a while, our sauce will be ready.

If you don’t have oven then try this method to cook tasty dukkar recepie

If you do not have an oven available then you do not have to take the tansion. Why am I going to tell you how to cook a different type. So let’s start.

Boil the pieces of pork ribs in a sauce pan on slow heat for 45 minutes.

Cut the carrot, onion, garlic, celery, leek roughly and put  the all vegetables in the same boiling water. Also give a little black pepper, a little salt and rosemary and bay leaf.

After boiling 45 minutes, remove the pork ribs.
Place a non stick pan over the gas. Put some olive oil  in the pan.

Place the pork ribs in the pan to be grill. And after the pork ribs come out, place the remaining water on another gas burner to reduce it.

Reducing it for a while, add a little bit of worchtershire sauce and red wine. After boiling for some time, the sauce with pork ribs will be ready.

Our pork ribs are also roast and ready as well as the accompanying sauce. Now the rest is for plating our pork ribs.

For plating, first take a white plate. Then bake the pork ribs well. And our easy pork ribs are ready.

Roasted pork Ribs


Hope you like this recepie of mine. If you forget something is wrong then forgive me and do not forget to comment.

Thank you


Bikash JD

Hello, my name is Bikash Jouti das. A Food Blogger, A established Chef and a recepie developer. I work many hotels in all over India. I want to share my food experience and knowledge through my blogs to you. My aim is to help you cook delicious and healthy food.

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