Chicken steak in blueberry sauce



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 Chicken mince      200 gm
 Thyme                       1 tspn
 Olive oil                    2 tblspn
 Garlic chopped        1 tblspn
 Black pepper            1 tspn (crushed)
 Blueberry crush      2 tblspn
 Chicken stock           1 cup
 Speghatti                  50 gm
 Onion chopped         2 tblspn
 Parsley chopped       1 tblspn
 Celery chopped         1 tblspn
 Salt to taste


* Pehle ek sauce pan me Pani boil hone dijiye, Pani boil hone ke bad speghatti pasta ko boil Karke ek side par rakh dijiye.
* Ab ek pan ko garam Kar lijiye or usme thoda sa olive oil dal dijiye . Oil garam hone me bad usme onion, garlic, celery , salt and black pepper dal k atse se bhun ke ek mixture bana lijiye.
* Ek bowl me chicken mince ko le lijiye .  Bhuna mixture, parsley, salt and thoda sa black pepper, thyme dal k atse se mila lijiye. Milane ke bad chicken ke mixture ko ek Patty ya steak jesa bana lijiye.
* Abhi chicken steak ko ek grilling pan ya non stick pan me  grill hone dijiye .
*sauce banane ke liye Ek or pan garam Kar lijiye , usme thoda sa oil dal ke usme garlic, onion, thyme de Kar atse se saute Kar lijiye. Thoda samay saute Karne k bad usme stock water dal dijiye. Aab blueberry crush thoda dal dijiye. Uske bad salt and pepper dal ke atse ubal ne dijiye.
* Abb ek pan me thoda sa olive oil dal ke garam hone dijiye, thoda onion, garlic, salt and pepper add Karke speghatti koi atse se saute Kar lijiye .
* Sab ready hone ke bad boil egg se garnish Karke garma garam Serve kijiye.


Bikash JD

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