Arroz con Leche (maxican rice pudding



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➤ Milk                                                    2 cups
➤ Cinnamon stick                                  15 gm
➤ Long Grain rice                                   1 cup
➤ Granulated sugar                                1/2 cup
➤ Sweet condensed milk                       1/2 cup
➤ Vanilla extract                                      1 tsp


* combine milk and cinnamon, bring to boil.
* add rice, reduce to a simmer, cover and cook 15 minutes.
* combine sugar, condensed milk , and vanilla. stir to dissolve, stir into rice and simmer 5 minutes. remove from heat and serve warm.

Recepie by Bikash


Bikash JD

Hello, my name is Bikash Jouti das. A Food Blogger, A established Chef and a recepie developer. I work many hotels in all over India. I want to share my food experience and knowledge through my blogs to you. My aim is to help you cook delicious and healthy food.

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