Some important fact about food poisoning.

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Food poisoning reason
⇒ Food prepare too far in advance and stored at improper temperature.
⇒ Cooling food too slowly prior to refrigeration.
⇒ Not re-heating food to high enough temperatures to destroy food poisoning bacteria.
⇒ Under-cooking.
⇒ Use of contaminated cooked food.
⇒ Improper thawing procedure.
⇒ Cross contamination- Raw food to cooked food.
⇒ Storing hot food below 63 degree Celsius.
⇒ Infected Food Handler.
⇒ Use of leftovers.

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Sources of food poisoning bacteria

⇒ Raw food
⇒ People
⇒ Insects
⇒ Birds and Animals
⇒ Dust and Dirt
⇒ Refuse and Garbage
⇒ Waste food 


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